August 28th, 2007

Making it Visible

Please take a minute to watch this fabulous video spot that does something we've been needing for a long time, a way to visualize accurately this invisible but critically important process: Black Balloon.

Or this newer one, brilliantly illustrating the immense scale of our pollution: New York City's CO2The next time some knucklehead tries to tell you that we humans aren't capable of changing the sky with our CO2 emissions (which will take some 40,000 years to be turned into rock at the bottom of the ocean and thus taken back out of circulation after we monkeys put it into the biosphere), show them this video.

For more detail of the global picture, try this one from the same project: Global Emissions. NYC's annual emissions are roughly equal to one day's global emissions. Again, these additions of CO2 to the biosphere are absolutley permanent, for all practical purposes. This never had to happen. Corruption made it happen. Demand change, now.

It turns out there are more than fifty videos from This page (may require a YouTube login) has them all.

Why the Montreal Protocol is critical to your survival: ODS's as GHG's

Ever wonder how much sky is actually above us and how minuscule the stratospheric ozone is? Without it, the UV-B and UV-C coming from the sun would give us a sunburn in 15 seconds flat, i.e. there would be zero life on Earth's surface. Precious Ozone It's a layer equal in mass to an application of sunscreen on the back of your hand.

And if you've not yet seen NASA's supercomputing simulations of human-added CO2 flowing through the atmosphere, don't miss this video.