Profile Set Testimonials

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Here are some of the things that people from around the world have kindly written to me about my RGB working spaces and chroma variant sets:

"I'm madly editing and printing to get a project out the door, but I didn't want that fact to prevent me from at least sending a quick note to thank you for the Chrome space and chroma variants: they are absolutely extraordinary! When I think of all the prints that could have benefited from them over the course of the last year . . .

When I catch my breath, I'll have to sit down with your pdf and really study how changing chroma is different from CS2's saturation, because there is simply no comparison visually. It's very exciting to think of what they will do for all the new prints to be made in the future!"

—Christopher Campbell

"I regularly use Joe's chroma variants to do the final adjustments on my images. I like the fact that it is also completely reversible, too, by just re-assigning the original profile. Highly Recommended."

—Charles Cramer

"I am putting your profiles to work as we speak -- I LOVE the results!"

—Jack Flesher

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I've been using your working space and chroma variants now for a little over a month, and find them to be nothing short of fantastic. You are completely right, this IS the only way to really deal with this.

I understand that there is now an upgraded set available with more variants? How do I obtain this?

Warmest Regards,
Chuck Jones

"Thank you for all the work you have done over the years on this. My photos are now alive with color. Thank you for the gift!"

—Dori Maggart

"I cant wait to feature my new workflow using your
profiles. I am sold on the chroma variants. The first
time I like saturation changes."

—Uwe Steinmueller

"I´m very happy with your DCam 4 Profile; thanks again for this bonus; I will check your website frequently;
Now a lot of work has to be done in my digital darkroom!"

—Dr. Martin Winkler

"Seriously, these new profiles are awesome! All I can say is, my
workflow is so much easier and looks so much better with your [working space] & profiles.
Thanks so much for your advice and your hard work at getting color
photography the best it can be!"

—Jerry Greer,,

"I downloaded your Chrome100.....fabulous!!!!
What a great tool and a great space.
I have been assigning colours from Chrome Space 100 all day. What a deal! I love it."

—Jimmy Thibert

"Fantastic!! Just made a couple of large prints on my Epson 4000 on
Ultrasmooth Fine Art and Moab Entrada 190 Natural. Far superior solution to
PS saturation adjustments and well worth the license fee.

Thanks for making these available."

—Joe Nash

"I don't do this kind of thing very often, but your profiles are working
so wonderfully for me that I simply must congratulate you on their excellent
quality! They are nothing short of astounding ... and I'm using them almsot
exclusively on color negatives."

—Joffre Swait, CaptureLight Gallery (

"Many thanks for the Chrome Space 100 set. It all came through perfectly.

We are having the most wonderful fun with these chroma profiles. I've always wanted to boost saturation but couldn't ever bring myself to do it with the standard Saturation tools in PS. We are surrounded by lots of photographic imagery here, mostly aimed at the tourist market, and a lot of it is over saturated with lollipop colours to the point of complete loss of detail - makes you wonder why they do it. Thanks for making this available. If it were me, I'd be sorely tempted to hog it for myself."

—Kaisa Breeden, Malanda, Australia (

"I've recently returned from a photography class with Alain Briot in the 4 corners area. During the class he and a couple of other people in the class mentioned your colour space profiles for adjusting chroma. Since I've returned I've been in touch with a few other people who have them. Everyone recommends them wholeheartedly!"

—Mike Broomfield

"The profiles are fantastic -- I just installed them and applied them (via edit/assign in CS2) to a couple of images and the result is amazing."

—Randy Curtis

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the Chrome Space Set of 30 Profiles that you sent yesterday. I also wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the images that I used a few of the profiles on as a test.

The images that I applied the profiles to have more shadow detail, as you stated may occur, and more highlight detail. When manipulating the image in Photoshop, I find that the image does not "fall apart" as easily as in my previous workflow. I am sure this is because the profile gets the image closer to the colors that I desire for the image before manipulation.

I am very pleased. My images "pop" now. I have been frustrated in manipulating my images in PS to get this result in the past. Now I have the burden of re-doing most of my images."

—Robert Eckert

"Hi Joseph,

I purchased the "Ektachrome Space Joseph Holmes" color profile and 6 variants from you 6 months ago. .... In any case, I wanted to thank you for these. That was the best money spent in the course of setting up my digital darkroom. The ability to print various test print versions with the various chroma variants has really allowed me to fine tune each image to the most desirable final master.

Thank you again and have a great holiday season.

Scott Leising

PS - The imagery on your site is as close to doing justice to nature as the 2 dimensional image gets. In a word - INCREDIBLE!"

"Just wanted to let you know I received the profile set and spent a little time using it last night. I am very pleased. .... I was playing with some images I shot in Sedona that have a tendency to be somewhat flat. After bringing them into PS with DCam profiles I experimented with different variants (+20 range) and saw a marked improvement in saturation giving them a vibrancy I had not seen before."

—Morrie Farbman

"Your profiles are incredible - my red poppies which I was never able to print
to my satisfaction are fantastic. Also the chromas work just so beautifully.
I wish you a nice weekend and thank you very much again for those wonderful profiles!!!"

—Ralf Weber