About the Gallery

April 26, 2017

My Gallery has many useful features:

1) On the Home page, click the circular arrows to advance through a slideshow of a few dozen of my favorite images.

2) For the Large JPEG pages, enlarge the browser window to get the largest image size which your monitor will support.  For best viewing, a 27" or 30" monitor is ideal, as my images generally look better when larger.  Higher resolution screens are also fully supported with pre-scaled image data, but with the same upper limits on original pixel dimensions.  So, for example, if the largest size for a given image is 2000 pixels wide on a standard "1X" display, the max size JPEG for a "2X" (e.g. Retina) display will be 4000 pixels but it will have been scaled up from 2000, because my site can scale images up with much better results than what the browsers can do.

3) Use the left and right arrow keys on a Mac or in Windows to advance to the next page or return to a prior page in a given sequence (next image, prior image, next thumbnail page, prior thumbnail page, next Zoom pane, prior Zoom pane, etc.).

4) When viewing any of the Large JPEG pages, click the "+" icon to see a single Zoom section of the image, so that you can better perceive the level of detail present in the actual image.

5) Use Command-[ and Command-] on a Mac to shortcut the browser's Back and Forward buttons. On Windows, use Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow for Back and Forward).  One great way to enjoy this is to flip quickly back and forth between the Zoom detail and the main image view.

6) Every image has a little box beneath it which turns red if you click it, adding it to your own collection in the "Your Favorites" page(s), accessible from the main Nav Bar.  I hope to make that sharable, so that you can pick a set that you like and remotely share it with someone else.

7) From a Large JPEG page, you can use the shopping cart icon to reach the Purchase pane, where prints can be ordered right from the site (one at a time).  In most cases, I am offering prints in several sizes, selectable from the upper drop-down menu, and in several forms, selectable from the lower menu.  Extensive additional information about prints and available presentations can be found by following the More Information link there.

8) The "Find Images" portion of the Gallery can quickly narrow down the complete set of all images published on the site in a nearly limitless number of ways.  For each checkbox used, the entire collection will be narrowed.  And for each term added to the "Search by Keyword" text entry box, the same thing will happen.  For example, you can select the "California" checkbox to reveal only those images made in California and then enter "waterfall" to see only pictures with waterfalls made in California.  Or you could enter both terms into the text entry box and at least theoretically get the same result.  (There are a couple of minor bugs remaining in the search functionality.)


Nearly all images on the site can be found in the Main Exhibit set.  Every image contained in my prior 2004 website's gallery can be found in the Special Portfolios > Original 2004 Gallery set, in the original sequence but with more evolved rendering and much improved presentation.  The Recent Additions set is essentially everything on this new site which was not on my prior site posted in 2004, so "recent" means new to my website, not necessarily from recent camera work.

I will be periodically adding new images and in many cases they will appear in each of the two latter galleries, but some kinds of pictures will instead go into future Special Portfolios.  I expect images to remain in the Recent Additions set for quite a while, perhaps even a few years.